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digital media strategy and consultation

Put your front at the front. Be known for what you do best. We have the best people to help you.

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social media management

Let beknown help you with your social media postings. Let us be an extension of your team.

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public relations and campaign organization

Our professional strategic communications team will help you to navigate the world of journalism and strengthen your brand presence. We get people to talk about you.

we are a full service digital agency

Our clients trust us with proven marketing strategies and return on investment. We combine science with art and deliver results.

Content marketing

Content is king. We design content around what your customers (not you) want. Not just any content, but context content where it makes the most sense to your target audience. On point, on target.

Inbound marketing

Turn potential leads into your customers. We turn your marketing and PR channels into your sales pipeline. We help you turn strangers into customers.

Search engine marketing

Google - With a staggering traffic of 3.87 million every day, we help you to cut through the crowd and put yourself in front of your target audience.

Social media & brand analytics

We help you take charge of your digital reputation. Change the way your audience interacts with your brand, fully backed by performance analytics.

Social media measurement

So how effective was your last social media campaign? We help you measure your campaign performance and analyze social media metrics that truly matter.

Search engine optimisation

Better rankings = Better traffic = Greater awareness. Period.

Website design consultancy

You have 15 seconds to convince your audience to stay on your website for what they're looking for. If you don't make an impression, it's likely you won't.

Digital ad development and measurement

We create compelling ads that your audience can't help but look twice, and we've got numbers to show.

Digital training

Learn how to manage your own social media pages with the latest trends, tips and tricks.

digital media strategy and consultation



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Hear from our experts on what's brewing in the digital marketing industry.

05/08/2021 Why knowing your digital footprint is important for your business?

Do you know what data or information that your business is leaving behind on the internet? Businesses should focus on reviewing and evaluating their digital footprint to understand what their digital reputation means to their existing and potential customers. Customers are becoming more digitally savvy; therefore, they are likely to check the digital presence of ⟩

14/06/2021 River Hongbao 2021: How to run a digital campaign for a large-scale event in a pandemic

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, hosting large-scale physical events is exceptionally challenging, much less marketing them and gathering the support of the general public. So how exactly should a digital campaign be approached and executed, and what does it take to make a large-scale event as successful in a pandemic as it was pre-COVID? Read on ⟩

21/10/2019 Digital 101: Beyond the vanity metrics

First it was Instagram. Now Facebook too has joined with the trial removal of the ‘Likes’ feature on its social media page. (After all, they are all owned by Zukerberg) For the longest time since the existence of the abovementioned social media apps, the success of a post has generally been measured via the number of ‘Likes’ received.

07/10/2019 Live Streaming: Time to get ‘reel’

Ever since the emergence of vlogging on YouTube, we have witnessed the progress of live streaming as a viable marketing format. In fact, it is one that seemed rather informal yet has paved its way to the hearts of many – all three hours long at times – raw and unedited, to an audience ever ready for content.

What is it about live streaming that works?

27/09/2019 The Reality of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has seen a significant rise and demand over the past few years. For the longest time, we were used to seeing only celebrities fronting brands and businesses. With the emergence of influencers, the presence of these “regular people”, yet, with significant influential power became refreshing to the audience and business owners alike.

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