Top 5 Trends in 2019 for Putting your Brand on Digital

This New Year welcomes opportunities and chances to take on newer perspectives.

In the past year, beknown was faced with challenges, while at the same time, accomplished successes. We have learned much about what worked and what didn’t.

To inspire you for what you can do in the brand New Year, we have compiled a number of key trends that we observed that will persist in 2019.

Content is still “King”

Success of a viral content is not exactly through producing and sharing it. In fact, smart content marketers will need to ensure that their published content is aligned with the brand’s channels — through a consistent style of communication with customers and the art of storytelling. The right content will draw the right potential customers that aligns their personal interest and passions, with your brand. Find out what your customers want in 2019.

Be one step ahead of your customers.

Video Marketing

It’s more than just pictures nowadays. Have you noticed that every shop at the malls are using animation and video billboards to attract attention? Sponsored content on our social media platforms are constantly evolving to help increase band recognition and awareness. One way or another, we have probably been immersed into the world of video marketing without us actually realising it. Which is why, your brand needs to step up to the plate and take a swing at video marketing for yourself for instant increment in impressions, views and conversion rates. Think of human interest stories, tips and tricks videos or influencer videos for starters.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is not just another platform for professionals! If you are a B2B business, this is for you. Consider LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy. Accelerate the growth of your brand with LinkedIn! With a robust LinkedIn Profile  that frequently updates and connects, your brand will be on its way towards establishing an overall presence in the LinkedIn community. Next, explore all of LinkedIn’s functions – such as sponsored InMails and LinkedIn Groups. Capitalise on the value of this powerful platform and watch your KPIs steadily hit the next level.

You need to pay to get that Eyeball.

With every social media platform offering Ads’ capability, it’s a no brainer to guess that digital advertising will continue to be a must-have in your digital strategy. According to Statista, it is expected that social media advertising spend will grow by another 39% in 2019. More companies will put that money into grabbing attention and you would be expecting to put more money to bid for the same amount of reach. Try to look at your entire digital advertising strategy and put where that money counts. Do you really need that Instagram Ad spend or would Google Search Ads will do better for your company if you are a B2B company?

Holistic Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is not made up of only social media platforms. In 2018, we saw more companies having a holistic marketing strategy, which means to integrate your website, apps, above-the-line advertising with their social media platforms. Data has become ever more important to understand your customers’ behavior. Ultimately, it is not about putting systems in place to attract your followers, but it is also about ensuring that you are able to retain your followers.

2019 is just starting and there is no better way to start reviewing those digital strategy you have in mind. We hope that this will help you to start the conversation with your marketing department.

I would love to hear your comments or opinions on what is the digital marketing trends in 2019.

[by Adrian Liew, Co-Founder & Farhana Aziz, Media Relations]

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