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Digital 101: Beyond the vanity metrics

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First it was Instagram. Now Facebook too has joined with the trial removal of the ‘Likes’ feature on its social media page. (After all, they are all owned by Zukerberg) For the longest time since the existence of the abovementioned social media apps, the success of a post has generally been measured via the number of ‘Likes’ received.


Live Streaming: Time to get ‘reel’

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Ever since the emergence of vlogging on YouTube, we have witnessed the progress of live streaming as a viable marketing format. In fact, it is one that seemed rather informal yet has paved its way to the hearts of many – all three hours long at times – raw and unedited, to an audience ever ready for content.

What is it about live streaming that works?


The Reality of Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing has seen a significant rise and demand over the past few years. For the longest time, we were used to seeing only celebrities fronting brands and businesses. With the emergence of influencers, the presence of these “regular people”, yet, with significant influential power became refreshing to the audience and business owners alike.


Podcast Fever: Why are listeners tuning in more frequently than ever?

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How do you tell if podcasts are today’s go-to medium for brands and businesses? When cats have their own– a whole 30 minutes of them just purring. No joke. As of current, there are about 700,000 (not just of cats) active podcasts, with some 29 million episodes altogether! This is an increase from 550,000 and ⟩


Look Mama, I’ve Been Trolled!

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Years ago, it was every marketers’ worry that their brand will be the butt of the jokes by trolls. Today, however, trolling is almost a part of every marketing campaign there is out there. If you are thinking of trolling your own brand to get the marketing attention, read on! Urban dictionary has it that ⟩

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