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Facing the Customers “From Hell” – Earning Your Badge of “Valor”


Ask anyone who is in the customer-facing business and I am sure you will hear a wealth of stories about “incredulous” customers, whose purpose in life appears to raise your level of Zen or burst your blood vessels.


Fake News Laws – Boon or Bane for your Business?


Should you be concerned with Fake News Laws which are being legislated in many parts of the world? Many media reports have focused on the political implications of the laws, with some hinting at how several Asian countries are using this to clampdown on political dissent.


River Hongbao 2019: A First in Digital Marketing


River Hongbao is one of the biggest and most anticipated Chinese New Year cultural events in Singapore. The event features an unrivaled spectacular international fireworks display, larger-than-life lanterns and cultural performances over 8 days of festive celebration. This annual affair started its first episode in 1987 and has drawn crowds of over 1 million visitors in recent years.


Be Known for Good – Even when Something Bad Happens


Managing The Lizard Scare

For the popular Irvins salted egg fish skin snack, 2019 started with a bang, after a customer found a deep fried lizard in her pack. Irvins’ co-founder Irvin Gunawan reacted to this unfortunate incident speedily. He apologized for the frightful mistake, offered to pay for any medical costs incurred by the customer. The company also offered refunds for any customer who bought the batch of fish skin snacks that expired on Oct 16, 2019, reported the matter to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), and promised further investigations into how the incident could have happened and literally close the gaps.


Top 5 Trends in 2019 for Putting your Brand on Digital


LinkedIn is not just another platform for professionals! If you are a B2B business, this is for you. Consider LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy. Accelerate the growth of your brand with LinkedIn! With a robust LinkedIn Profile that frequently updates and connects, your brand will be on its way towards establishing an overall presence in the LinkedIn community. Next, explore all of LinkedIn’s functions – such as sponsored InMails and LinkedIn Groups. Capitalise on the value of this powerful platform and watch your KPIs steadily hit the next level.

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