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Look Mama, I’ve Been Trolled!


Years ago, it was every marketers’ worry that their brand will be the butt of the jokes by trolls. Today, however, trolling is almost a part of every marketing campaign there is out there. If you are thinking of trolling your own brand to get the marketing attention, read on! Urban dictionary has it that ⟩


Brand Identity 101: Finding your sweet spot in the digital space


In spite of the aesthetically pleasing #ootds and vlogs that flood the platforms on a daily basis, the audience is looking beyond visuals to trigger the desire to engage and follow – they want to be involved. In the words of marketing expert, Bianca Bass, “People no longer buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.”


Jumping On The Trend-wagon


The digital space is fast-paced and saturated. Brands and businesses are on a constant battle, to find ways to stand out, amidst the sea of similarities. That said, when a trend like the “Bottle Cap Challenge” comes along, it almost always seems like you have hit the jackpot. Relevance? Check. Talk of the town? Check. ⟩


How Huawei Overlooked a Potential Crisis


After almost a week of the Huawei Singapore commotion, Huawei has become a common name among Singapore households, for the wrong reasons.


4Ps: Zooming In On Who You Target Online


How to target the right audience for my product? Here’s how to do it in the right way.

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